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Traveling With Baby Formula

Traveling with baby formula can seem like a complicated thing but it doesn’t have to be.  A common question we are asked is about boiling water. Do I need it? And whats the purpose?  There is the potential for the risk of infection by rare but deadly bacteria called Cronobacter that has been found in powdered formula.  This is in all types of formulas, not just European.  Using boiled water of 158 degrees would kill this bacteria.  Many parents do skip this step as its just not practical at all times.  When out on the road or traveling in a plane, restaurants or flight attendants are usually quite happy to provide a cup of boiling water if you chose to maintain this step.    

Traveling By Car

When traveling by car, always keep plenty of purified/non fluoride water in your car to ensure your baby has water available for her formula.  Be careful however, to not leave water in plastic bottles in a hot car as this can leach chemicals into the water.  For this reason we recommend using glass bottles or stainless steel for water.  Traveling by car is easier then by plane with babies formula.  However, getting access to boiling water can be a little more tricky if your not driving thru towns.  It may be easiest to pre-make your babies formula and keep it on ice.  Pre-made formula will stay fresh for up to 24 hours when kept at a even temperature on ice.

Traveling By Plane

When traveling by plane, TSA does have a allowable amount of liquids you can bring onto the plane and the 3-1-1 rule does not apply to infant formula. We would recommend pre-preparing your formula and keeping it in a ice cooler.  Be sure to keep it in your carry on bag & notify TSA that you are carrying formula for your baby.  TSA will removed each bottle and test the exterior or interior for explosives (just be aware!).  If you do not want TSA opening your bottles, tell them this and additional testing such as a pat down may be required.

You could also bring your powdered formula onto the plane, purchase bottled water in the terminal, but be aware the powder will also probably be tested.  Bottles of pre-made formula can last up to 24 hours when kept on ice or in a fridge.

Our Recommendations

We recommended purchasing stainless steel baby bottles and making up your formula ahead of time.  These bottles will maintain a even temperature and will keep your formula hot or cold for up to 10 hours (but do remember to keep your bottles on ice to keep them freshest!).  There is a rule however, once your baby drinks out of the bottle, it must be used within a hour to protect the risk of bacteria growth.  For this reason we recommended using the stainless steel bottles for storage on the road and then using a separate bottle for feeding that can be washed between use.  We personally love to travel with our Eco Friendly Stainless Steel bottles as they are lightweight, our kids love the designs and the tops are interchangeable so they grow with our kids.  If your baby requires a warm bottle and your on the road, there is a couple of options.  You could use a glass bottle and heat the formula up under a hot tap or ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot water to put the bottle in.

Another option for parents not using boiled water is a portable heater, here are a couple recommendations below:
Aqua Heat Warmer Set – For the plane

Munchkin Bottle Warmer- For the car

Safe Travels!

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  1. Agnieszka says:

    Hello! How long can stay already made milk.?when baby starts eating 1 hour but if not starts eating?

    • Louise Doerrer says:

      Hello. If the milk has not been drank out off, you can refrigerate for 24 hours. Otherwise, it can stay out at room temperature for 1 hour


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