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These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things!

At Udderly Organics, we have the highest standards for organic & quality products.  We would love to share with you some of our favorite things that we have personally used & LOVE.

Baby formula: Holle Cow PRE– With Holle’s extremely high standards for Organic, this formula also keeps maltodextrin & soy out the picture.  Our favorite goat milk formula is Nanny Care.  Although its not organic, goats are fed the pesticide free grasses from the green lush fields of New Zealand.  The formula doesn’t have maltodextrin, palm oil or soy.

Toddler Formula: Hipp Stage 4.  This formula is very basic, with limited ingredients.  With all the vitamins & minerals your growing toddler needs while toughing out those picky years from age 2+.

Baby Cereal:  Holle Rolled Oats– Extremely easy to digest and a great first cereal!  Suitable for infants from 4 months+.

Toddler Cereal: Holle Jr Museli with Cornflakes– This cereal is excellent for babies 10 months+.  With the different textures and no fruit added, its a wonderful cereal to keep those sugar bugs on the down low.

Puree: Holle Puree Jars – We love these purees as there is never added sugars, no risk of GMO contamination being demeter certified & no preservatives.  The jars are recyclable which we love for the environment too!

Biscuits: Holle Pear & Apple– Not only are these a cute design but they are tasty too!  With only pure & limited ingredients, no added sugars and a great combination of fruits & grains, babies just love these little cookies.

Bottle:  Pacific Baby Bottles– These bottles are made of food grade stainless steel.  They keep liquids hot or cold for up to 10 hours & they come in a variety of super cute designs.  We love these bottles because they have interchangeable lids that grow with your baby from newborn to 100 !

Spoon:  Holle Multipack spoons- We are head over heels in love with these spoons.  Why?  They last forever & the ergonomic design is spectacular!  We personally have used the same set of spoons for our son for 4 years & they still look brand new.  No chemicals & the colors are made from natural sources.

Lactation: Sweetie Pie Lactation Smoothies–  Louise of Udderly Organics has used these smoothies before with great success.  Not only do they taste great but they are super convenient & on the go for busy moms.

Plush Toys: Farm Buddies–  These cute little characters are made from organic materials & are super soft.  Babies love the cute little features & long arms to grab onto.

Baby Toothbrush: Baby Banana Brush– Forming a good brushing habitat can be hard, so its great to start young.  With Banana brushes, babies just love the smooth texture, the ability to hold the brush & moms love that it’s so safe!

Toddler Toothbrush: Elefreinds Brush– Toddlers just love these fun toothbrushes.  They are very bendy & the perfect size for little hands.

Clothing: Organic Cotton– We personally use the bibs, shirts & hats for our little girl.  The cotton is so soft & stays soft wash after wash.  The cute designs are very flattering & bring conversation from onlookers.


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