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From Shore to Your Door: Taking a Journey Like Our Pilgrims

Odds are, you have a little one in your lives and things are hectic. Yet it’s nice this time of year to take a quick breather and say thanks.

We at Udderly are particularly thankful that we get to help so many families and their infants – we’ll never forget the days and nights trying to soothe our son as he struggled with the US-manufactured formulas and their unnecessary ingredients. The results we experienced from European formula forever changed our lives. This company is the direct result of that transformation.

Giving thanks has come to mean a lot more to us, especially in the past few years as small-business owners. We are truly thankful we can provide these wonderful products to you; truly thankful we continue to hear stories equal to ours about how your lives were also changed by such wonderful baby foods. We’re also grateful for the companies that produce the formula themselves, without which our babies’ lives would be so miserable. Finally, we are so thankful that our little mom-and-pop shop is still able to sustain and even grow, despite restrictions looming over outside, international formulas.

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for all of these blessings.

In this wonderful week of community and giving thanks, we ask you pass the gratitude forward: The next time you hear or see a way that you can encourage European formulas to remain in-country, please make your voice heard! Let’s work together, as the pilgrims once did, and encourage our local retailers, food administrators and the like to continue to allow European baby formulas.

A pebble is only a pebble. But a boulder can become Plymouth Rock and be the stepping stone to permanent change.

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