Holle Organics Pumpkin With Rice Puree Jar (190g) 4 months+

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Product Description

Holle Organics Pumpkin With Rice Puree Jar (190g) 4 months+after 4 months
190 g

Ingredients: Pumpkin* 49 %, water, rice semolina** 6 %

*from biodynamic agriculture
**from organic agriculture

Countries of origin of the main ingredients: Germany / Italy / Netherlands
Preparation: Stir before use. Warm a whole jar or a portion in a pot of boiling water. Start feeding 2-4 teaspoons and increase the amount up to one jar.
Production: For all Holle jars the following applies: No added sugar or salt, no milk protein, no binding agent, no yeast, no egg, no lactose, the majority of jars is gluten-free and numerous are low in allergens.
Please note: To increase the availability of essential fatty acids we recommend fortifying with 2 teaspoons weaning oil. When introducing solid foods begin with a few spoons and increase the amount slowly according to your baby’s needs. Unused food can be kept in the closed jar in the fridge for two days

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