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Nanny Care is a company that utilizes the numerous benefits of goat’s milk to provide children with the most beneficial and human-like milk products possible. Each child is unique in their needs, and Nanny Care provides more options for all children and their dispositions. Read More...

Infants lack the same amount of immunities as adults do, and their systems are still developing outside of the womb. Nanny Care has innovatively provided another option for parents to cow’s milk. Their findings in one of the world’s leading milks, goat’s milk, is a nutritionally viable option to provide for the needs of growing children. They’re the first company to be recognized in the UK with goat’s milk for infant formulas, and are the leading company that has opened the door for the possibilities that goat’s milk may provide.

Goat’s milk provides a great option for lactose intolerant infants. This benefit is best discussed with a licensed physician who can monitor your child and provide advice. While goat’s milk does contain lactose, it rarely causes those with allergies to have a reaction.

Goat milk compounds are similar to human milk, compared to cow milk, which may be better for children overall. Goats are fairly picky with their food, and will often refuse to eat from unnatural sources,providing milk of a purer quality.

By providing these formulas in stages, Nanny Care is allowing children to have their regularly changing nutritional needs be provided for. What your baby needs and is able to digest will change as time goes on, and your child will require a different set of nutrients to ensure they can grow and flourish.

Infants have bodies that aren’t ready to handle many of the harsh chemicals we normally digest with our food. They require gentle and natural items that can satisfy their nutritional and immune needs without additives and preservatives. Nanny Care formulas are organic and free of dangerous and unnatural additions. Their formulas not only meet your child’s needs, but do so without the addition of chemicals and dyes.

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