Lebenswert is a stage based set of formula that centers around the care of infants and their ever evolving needs. Read More...

Holle is a company that cares for the natural and sustainable creation of organic baby products. Lebenswert comes from Holle, and carries a more centric ideal of providing for infants and toddlers with formula and food that changes to match their needs.

Children have sensitive bodies, and they aren’t prepared to handle the copious amounts of chemicals and preservatives that are typically found in our food and products. They need food that is able to provide them with nutrients and immune system support without filling their bodies with additives that can, and will, drag their energy levels and motivation down.

Lebenswert is designed to meet the needs of young children without these additions. The products used to create the food are produced organically, meaning that they aren’t made with pesticides or other dangerous chemicals which could lead to a variety of health problems later on in life. In addition to safe practices, they avoid unnecessary and excessive processing. rom the time the food is grown to the time your child takes their first bite, the product remains organic and filled with essential nutrients.

Food that is created in a sustainable environment is important for all aspects of health.
Lebenswert creates products with the future in mind. Your child’s earliest steps to their first days in school are developmental milestones made by equal parts nurturing and nutrition. Let Lebenswert be a part of their story.

Lebenswert infant formula, baby food, and all their stage food products are created to ensure that your child will be cared for and nourished with thoughtful formulas.

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