Holle Baby Formula

Holle was founded in 1933, brimming with pride in their quality of product, and care for the families who use those products. Their 80+ years of experience have always been rooted in providing organic products that nurture infants. Read More...

The organic baby formula that Holle produces is undeniably a premium product. Created with completely organic ingredients, they follow the Demeter standards for quality in every product. There are no genetically modified ingredients, artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives. Holle also stands as a sustainable company, implementing methods that will ensure a healthy and safe environment for the infants their formulas care for.

There are a number of reasons why a mother cannot breastfeed her child. Though breastfeeding is the most nutritious option, when that option is removed, companies like Holle fill in the gaps without adding dangerous chemicals or preservatives. They’re a company that values the health of the infant over the industry of sales.

Holle is an open company, offering plenty of information to its visitors, including links to regulations and information about their products and history. They pride themselves on being transparent and open, because they understand that parents with young children have too much to worry about already. Providing a thoughtful and safe formula option is their mission.

Infants have a very sensitive body compared to adults. Their immunities are developing, leaving them unprepared to handle the various additives found in food. Babies require formulas that cater to their needs by providing nutrients and immune support without excess chemicals and preservatives. Holle understands this commitment to health, and their formulas are made with your infant’s needs in mind.

Holle only uses products which were grown in organic or biodynamic environments, with no pesticides or harmful chemicals, so that their formula is organic from the start. Minimal processing is a hallmark of their process, so the formula is healthy, safe, and created in a way that honors your infant’s health.

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