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Udderly Organics handpicks companies which share our beliefs that children and families deserve food that is safe, nutritious, organic, and delicious. We believe the organic food products we provide are the best options on the market for infants and toddlers. Read More...

When your child is beginning to grow beyond formula, healthy and nutritious options can be the most beneficial for them. People are more frequently noticing how sensitive their children are to the various chemicals, preservatives, and additives that are found in most of our food today. Their bodies are growing rapidly and their systems are slowly adapting to the world around them. When you start your child on their first foods, ensure that you provide them with meals and treats that are organic and healthful.

We provide food options that go beyond classic baby food, such as fruit and veggie pouches that please children of any age for a delicious snack. Kids well beyond the minimum age listed will be able to enjoy these as a naturally sweet and healthy treat.

Prioritizing the health and safety of the children that will be using and consuming their products is the foundation of our brand offerings. These companies start their creation with products that are organically grown, without pesticides or dangerous chemicals. The products aren’t put through processing without extra additives or preservatives, ensuring that they remain organic from start to finish.

Our chosen brands are conscientious about the world around them as well. Holle, for example, boasts a significant amount of sustainability work. They create safe and organic food in a manner that’s environmentally conscious, so you can support a company striving to ensure a world that is clean and lively.

With all the work involved in caring for your child, you shouldn’t have to be concerned over whether or not what they’re eating is going to be good for them. Udderly Organic has done the legwork and found the companies that parents can trust. By purchasing one of the brands we supply, you’ll be purchasing from a company that cares about you, your children, and the world.


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