About Udderly Organics

Since 2013, Udderly Organics has helped thousands of parents nourish their babies with organic products and natural products that exclude the dangers of today’s formulas and foods.

“Because like you, we are conscious and mindful about what goes into the bodies of little ones.”

We know families are seeking the best formulas and foods on the market today. We continue to research new and different products in order to bring you the highest-quality options available. We focus on sourcing products that are absolutely free from GMOs, added sugars, food dyes and anything you can’t pronounce. We believe your baby deserves the very best, so you’ll only find lots of high-quality ingredients in everything we carry.

Our Story

When our son, Benjamin, turned six months old, we switched him from breast milk to infant formula. It wasn’t long before he began experiencing difficulties, including severe colic episodes. We tried all kinds of formulas, but one brand would keep him up all night with tummy trouble and another would make him constipated. He was miserable at feeding time, and sometimes he even refused to eat.

“He was miserable at feeding time, and sometimes he even refused to eat.”

Out of pure frustration, we began exploring alternatives to the non-organic formulas we’d been using and discovered Holle. At the time, there was just one seller in the U.S., and we felt nervous about buying from an unknown source. So we continued to research brands.

After learning how this supplier sourced their infant formulas, we felt more comfortable trying an imported formula with our son. Within the first few days of using Holle, Benjamin had become a totally different baby. He smiled, had regular bowel movements, and loved feeding time again.

“Within the first few days… Benjamin had become a totally different baby.”

Realizing the demand for access to better baby formulas in the U.S. and Canada, we took our time researching legitimate and reliable sources to buy our supply from. Just a short month later, we launched our second baby, Udderly Organics.

Ever since we switched Luke from Similac to Holle, he has been a happy baby! The formula tastes great and baby's poo looks more like when he was breastfed. I am very happy with Udderly Organics; the staff is always very helpful and responds to my emails in a timely matter. Thank you for providing the best formula for my baby!"
~ Linna Wei

Why Udderly Organics?

  • We know babies are hungry, and that's why we ship fast! Your order will arrive within 1-3 days with priority shipping.

  • All formulas are stored in a temperature controlled room, and all orders are shipped in sturdy, padded boxes. That means your formula will arrive fresh and be safe for your baby to consume.

  • Our brands are legitimate. The formulas we carry are certified organic at the highest standards and/or created from grass-fed cow or goat's milk. Learn more about our products.

  • No one brand of infant formula works for all babies. We offer you more options from your favorite brands, so you can choose the formula that best fits your growing baby's needs.

  • Your satisfaction comes first. Unhappy with your purchase? Simply return your unopened boxes to us. Have a question? Send us an email and well respond within 24 hours. Learn more about returns here.

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