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Babies & Infants – Relief and Treatment for Gas, Diarrhea & Constipation

Nobody likes changing diapers, but parents know that there is not only relief in putting your little one in clean diapers; there is also much information to glean from what’s in those tiny bundles. And since we know from Taro Gomi that “Everyone Poops,” we may as well learn what we can in order to help our babies be comfortable and healthy, since what comes out is a clear indication of what went in.

Digestive issues can indicate food allergies, unhealthy ingredients in formula, or an occasional irritation. Discovering the source of the problem as quickly as possible can help everyone sleep better at night.

Since what shows up in the diaper is a result of what goes in your baby’s mouth, it’s wise to listen to and watch for signs that your baby might not be as healthy and happy as you would hope. Other indications that digestion might be an issue for your little one are fussiness and gas, symptoms that many parents chalk up to normal infant problems, but which also might be connected to digestive issues that are easily solved with a little information.


What causes Constipation, diarrhea and gas in infants and babies?

baby-digestive-issuesA common cause of constipation, diarrhea, or gas may be an unfortunate combination of formula ingredients that doesn’t agree with a baby’s digestive system. Switching brands or beginning to use organic formula may be helpful, as organic products contain the highest quality ingredients, thereby complementing the body’s own natural processes, and eliminating the additives and chemicals that may be present in non-organic brands. Some products in the United States tend to contain ingredients that aren’t optimal for a baby’s digestive system, even though they may be approved by the FDA. Corn syrup and GMOs (genetically modified organisms), among other chemicals and additives, can show up in the list of ingredients on a container of formula without parents being fully aware, and these ingredients can be harmful to a baby’s digestive system.

Gas, Constipation and Diarrhea Treatment and Relief for Your Baby or Infant

The European Union has more stringent regulations about ingredients that go into baby formula (and other food products), so their products are healthier and more natural for babies to consume. Many parents (including us!) have experienced decreased frequency in sickness and gassiness in their babies when switching to European organic products. That’s why Udderly Organics is committed to providing our customers with speedy delivery of quality organic baby products from Europe. We have been doing this for 4 years and are passionate about promoting healthy food for babies, including our own!

From the earliest stages of your baby’s life, you can find safe and healthy products to help the digestive process and have a healthy, happy baby. Because avoiding a problem and its discomfort is always preferable to troubleshooting after sleepless nights of crying, why not try this early stage formula that helps reduce or avoid allergies:

There are Many Reason Why Your Baby or Infant Could Have Constipation, Diarrhea or Gas

Overall, crying babies with curious diaper deposits can be attributed to many causes. While trying a variety of organic products will help ensure that high quality, natural ingredients go into your baby, there are other ways to comfort him, as well. Feeding your baby while he is in a more upright position may help ease reflux, and carrying him against you may ease abdominal discomfort since your motion of walking serves as a kind of gentle massage for your baby’s belly. And they’re little for such a short time, so we want that time to be happy and comfortable!

Formula may be only one cause of a child’s sickness or discomfort, so after trying organic formula and some of the positional suggestions here, you may want to see your doctor if symptoms persist.

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