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Hipp Dutch Stage 1, Hipp UK Stage 1’s Identical Sister


Hipp Dutch is a very popular product due to the lack of starch, the prebiotics & easy digestibility.  However, it can be quite tricky to find.  Did you know… that Hipp UK 1 is the exact same product as Hipp Dutch 1?  What is the difference?  Hipp UK is in a box with 2 sachets/ Hipp Dutch  is in a can.  Hipp Dutch stage 2 & 3 are different from Hipp Uk Stage 2 & 3 however, Hipp stage 2 uses Soya Lecithin as a thickener (emulsifier) and there are some differences in the vitamin/mineral contents.

One can of Hipp Dutch from more popular retailers is $47.99 for a 900g can.  A box of Hipp UK is 800g and $42.99 for 800g.  The price is the same per oz.

At Udderly Organics, we personally use Hipp for our baby girl Madelyn as it’s proven to be a great match for her tummy.  We prefer to use the Hipp UK box over the Dutch can as there is more flexibility with having 2 sachets vs opening an entire can at once.  Even though, our baby is on full time formula,  she does not drink enough formula to get thru one can of Hipp Dutch before it expires.  We also love the new box design of  Hipp UK, with a build in scooper holder and a leveler, its very practical & a great design.  Lastly, we love that the box is in english.  When our pediatrician has questions about her formula, we can show him the box vs. translating everything first.  


Hipp UK comes in 4 stages:

Hipp Stage 1: 0-6 months

Hipp Stage 2: 6-12 months

Hipp Stage 3: 12 months-2 years

Hipp Stage 4: 2 years- 4 years

Hipp UK uses grass fed cows milk and organic ingredients in their formulas.  It is a family run business that is about the welfare of the animals used for formula & puree production, and the use of harmful pesticides is never tolerated.  Read about Hipp here.


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  1. Yazmin Burgos says:

    I am interested to buy the Hipp Stage 4 when available again. I live in an area where is very difficult to find regular organic milk.

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