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Why is Everything Imported Just So Good?

Foreign chocolates – is it just me, or are they suddenly everywhere during the holidays (and oddly, much more affordable)? They’re also hands-down one of the best treats all December (sorry Aunt Janie). But has anyone stopped to consider why? We’re willing to bet it’s for the very same reason our imported formulas are equally tasty: foreign farming standards.

Don’t get me wrong – we manage to make very nice products over here in the states, too. But the lack of chemicals, combined with simply unmatched standards of quality, result in products that are simply downright incredible. It’s also why I’m willing to bet there’s at least a few truffles missing from my stocking every Christmas morning.

Take a look at Holle, our most popular brand hailing from Germany. Holle is backed by Demeter, the highest and most difficult level of certification a brand can obtain. We’re talking crazy high standards: Holle’s cows explore gorgeous, wide open expanses of grass while never being de-horned, given antibiotics, or milked when sick. These cows have their own sick leave.



From the fields of Germany to the gorgeous grasses of New Zealand, another of our brands, Nanny care, also spoil their animals, whose goats indulge daily on the finest grass the world has to offer. And who gets the second-hand benefits of such goatmilk? Your baby.

Even our brand HiPP is located overseas (also in Germany), where the certified organic cows delight in the bounty that is bavarian terrain.

So – what does all this mean? And why am I not going back to talking about chocolate (YOU SAID THERE’D BE CHOCOLATE)? Well, no, I don’t have chocolate, nor do I sell it. But as far as your baby is concerned, we might as well.

Udderly’s proud that whether it be a fruit packet or can of formula, if you include one of our products in your baby’s stocking, that product might as well be a swiss truffle. Delicious, yes. Healthy, absolutely. And just as tasty as a smackable chocolate. Ho-ho-ho indeed.


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