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European Formulas for The Win!

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While conventional wisdom and experience tell us that breastfeeding is best, sometimes we run into problems and need to switch to or supplement with formula. In those cases, there are a lot of choices out there, so we want to break down some of the ingredients to do a comparison between American formulas and those from Europe.

When choosing a formula, it’s important to buy an age-appropriate formula as the ingredients are specifically constituted for the stages of your baby’s development. Once you’ve determined which stage of formula is right for you, there are some potentially nasty ingredients that you want to avoid. Here is a partial list of some components found in American formulas – even organic ones! – that you should steer clear of:

~ Sweeteners – In the U.S. it is common for baby formulas to contain sucrose, which has been banned in formula in the European Union since 2009. Although breast milk is naturally sweet, additives like sucrose or corn syrup can contribute to obesity and tooth decay in children; lactose is preferable to sucrose.  

Carrageenan – This is another ingredient found in American formulas but banned in the EU. It’s added to stabilize the formula so it doesn’t need to be shaken first, but it can cause intestinal inflammation and tumors.

Synthetic DHA and ARA (docosahexaenoic acid and arachidonic acid) – These provide needed Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids naturally found in breast milk, but the synthetic versions are extracted from laboratory-grown algae and fungus using hexane, a neurotoxic chemical.

Even organic formulas in the United States may contain some toxic ingredients that have passed American standards but would not cut the mustard in Europe. There are only 3 American manufacturers of organic baby formula, and they are all owned by pharmaceutical companies!

nanny-care-growing-up-goat-milk-powder-900g-1-to-3-yearsTo minimize the presence of these harmful substances in your baby’s bottle, we suggest Holle, HiPP, Nanny Care, or Lebenswert, all brands found on our website. These companies are free from ingredients like carrageenan, and they use dairy products from grass-fed, organic cattle or goats. They comply with strict organic standards from processing to packaging. We just can’t recommend these quality products highly enough, so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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