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Choosing The Best Formula

At Udderly Organics, we carry the best formulas available on the market.

Why Are These Formulas Better Then Anything In The USA?

There are many good answers to this.  When comparing these formulas to the most commonly used formulas in the USA such as Similac & Enfamil, the answer simply is ingredients.  Ever taken a look at the ingredients before?  They are rather shocking! With corn syrup being one of the main ingredients, some have referred to Similac & Enfamil as the soda pop infant formula.

The formulas we carry are simple. They do not contain any of the scary ingredients such as Hexane Extracted DHA, added sugars/sweeteners, carrageneen, gmo’s & synthetic preservatives.

It’s simply milk, natural fats (for brain growth), a stabilizer (maltodextrin or lactose) & vitamins/minerals.

We have yet to come across an Organic formula in the United States that can even compare to Holle, Hipp, Lebenswert & Nanny Care.  Earths’s Best could have been the best comparable, if they were not using Hexane Extracted GMO DHA.

Which Formula Should I Use?

If your infant shows no signs of a cows milk allergy or if cows milk allergies are not present in the family, any of these formulas below are suitable:

Holle Cows Milk
Holle Goats Milk
Hipp Cows Milk
Lebenswert Cows Milk
Nanny Care Goats Milk

What The Biggest Difference Between These Formulas?

Holle Cows Milk – Highest levels of organic farming certifications, very easy to digest, babies love the taste

Holle Goats Milk – Made with Goats Mik which is typically easier to digest then cows milk, babies love the taste, very easy to digest

Hipp Cows Milk – Contains prebiotics which can aid in digestion, most popular Organic brand in the UK

Lebenswert Cows Milk – A Holle Brand, the stage 1 does not contain maltodextrin which many parents love.  Stages 2 & 3 do contain maltodextrin but they do not contain added starch

Nanny Care Goats Milk – Not an certified Organic brand, but the milk is made with New Zealand Goats milk which are grass fed goats & the formula absolutely does not contain any GMOS.  This is high standard brand of formula. Does not contain maltodextrin. Babies love the taste.

You can also find a comparison chart here.

If your infant experiences gastric upset with regular formulas or has a high chance of dairy allergy, we recommend the following:

Hipp HypoAllergenic – This one has hydrolyzed protein, reduced lactose and a structured fat blend which make the formula easier to digest and due to the hydrolyzed protein may help babies that are at risk of allergies (i.e. Allergy prevention).

Hipp Comfort –  Features reduced lactose, smaller milk proteins, and more digestible fats. As with several other Hipp formulas, Hipp Special Comfort contains prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharide fibers like those found in breast milk; as well as probiotic cultures which nourish and strengthen the gut and immune system.

Hipp Anti Reflux – This is a special formula when facing increased belching and spitting. In case your baby more often spits, HIPP anti-reflux organic milk is your ideal choice. This first milk prevents backflow into the esophagus. It contains high quality locust bean gum. This is causing especially creamy consistency of the milk and ensures that it much better stays in the stomach. Thus, the reflux to the esophagus is decreased. With locust bean gum – especially creamy.

Formulas are a personal choice & many parents have tried an array of formulas to see which formula works best  for their infants as not one formula fits all.

At Udderly Organics, we are always happy to help assist you while choosing a formula.

For additional assistance, please email at

Do you love the formula you use? Please review it on our website so you can help other parents make informed decisions.

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