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    Stephanie Rudat
    Stephanie Rudat
    Not only does this company have a phenomenal section of the best products for your growing child, they keep all ingredients listed on their website so you can compare each item. Further, the customer care is impeccable. They're responsive and thoughtful, know their products well, and truly want to help their customers. I know, they got back to me on a Friday evening when they very well could have put me off until Monday. I'm a huge fan of HIPP & Holle, glad they have what I need now that I'm weaning from breast milk. So glad this company exists because there's no shot I'll ever fed my child an American made formula.
    Autumn Ayala Noe
    Autumn Ayala Noe
    I have three month old twins, who were born early and spent time in the NICU. I never produced enough milk for the babies and had to supplement with formula. They were given formula in the NICU and I was advised to continue with the same formula once they were home. They soon became very fussy, gassy, constipated and spit up quite a bit. After a few months I realized I needed to find another formula that wasn't causing such GI issues. I couldn't say enough about the customer service, they were so helpful answering my questions as I wasn't quite sure which formula I should start with. Shipping has been super fast and efficient. Both my babies are doing so much better and it's all due to Holle. Thanks, Udderly Organics!
    Rob Godfrey
    Rob Godfrey
    Great products and love the superfast free shipping on orders over 70. Ran out of formula and needed some more quickly so you guys were lifesavers. Thank you! Will be ordering from you again.
    Reshmi M
    Reshmi M
    So far so good. Its only been one day since we used the holle stage 1 product and my daughter is feeling ok. I typically supplement once or twice a night with formula and the American brands were giving my daughter gas. Ill update the review in a few weeks once i see how she does with it. As for shipping it was quick and easy. We received our product within 2 maybe 3 days. I was a little hesitant on using this product since its not fda approved and all packaging instructions are in german. We did receive English pamphlets with the package so that was helpful. I only wish we could receive English pamphlets for the ingredients and vitamin conversions so i can compare to American brands making sure our daughter is getting the nutrients she needs. Lets see how it goes.
    Kendell Reichhart
    Kendell Reichhart
    After 3 week stay in the NICU after Keira was born, the stress affected my breast milk supply, so I've had to supplement. Keira has a temporary colostomy and a very sensitive stomach. I didn't want to use formula but I didn't have a choice. I am a nutritional coach and did a lot of research on formulas, and ruled out all U.S. formulas. I have used a few of the formulas carries by Udderly Organics (cow and goat) and for the most part Keira has done really well on them, the best being the HIPP Combiotic Cow Milk formula. Twice I ran out of formula going into a weekend (and Udderly Organics does a great job of fast shipping), but had to get a US formula, even organic, and both the formulas I tried made her miserable. The Europeans know how to do it as close to natural as I've seen:-)
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