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European Baby Formulas Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store my baby formula?:

We recommend storing your formula in a dark area such as a pantry.  Do not store formula in closets above kitchen lights or in direct sunlight.  With Holle, Hipp & Lebenswert, we do recommend removing the formula from the pouches & storing in a airtight container.

How long do I have to use a opened box of European baby formula?:

Holle/Hipp/Lebenswert- 2 weeks
Nanny Care- 4 weeks

Is there DHA in these organic formulas?

There is no synthetically processed DHA in any of these formulas.  These formulas contain essential fatty acids for brain growth & health.  Research shows these fatty oils are superior.  These is no proof that synthetic DHA’s have any effect on brain growth & are exacted from algae with hexane (highly toxic chemical).  Hipp uses Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.  Whereas the other formulas may use palm oil or rapeseed oil.

Are these organic baby formulas complete?

Yes, every formula we sell is 100% complete and there is no need to add any supplements unless your doctor directs you to do so.

Do I need to boil the water?

European standards recommend boiling the water to kill any potential bacterial pathogens in the powdered formula as formula is not sterile.  Many parents choose to skip this step, others will use a fast boiling kettle.

Can I give my baby more european formula then the suggested serving?

Yes.  These are only recommendations.  Please feed your baby what he/she needs!  If you have concerns please speak to your pediatrition.

How does Udderly Organics store the baby formulas?

We have a dedicated space that’s temperature controlled and is kept at a cool 65-70 degrees at all times.

What if my baby formula is left outside in the hot sun when its delivered?

Your formula will be fine.  It is not being exposed to direct sunlight & since these are powdered formulas, they can withstand the heat for short periods of time.  We do not recommend keeping the formula in the heat for extended periods of time.

Why use different stages?

European formulas are a step up from American because they meet the needs of babies as they grow.  Just like the changes in breastmilk, the needs of your baby change over the course of a year, European formulas track with your baby to ensure she’s getting all the nutrients she needs.

Is cow or goats milk formula better?

Technically speaking, goats milk is “better” for people.  Its easier to digest & creates less allergens then cows milk.  Goat milks more closely resembles breastmilk and baby goats grow at the same type of speed as baby humans and they only reach 100lbs when full grown.  This can help reduce the chances of obesity in your baby as she/he goes.

Why are these formulas not FDA approved?

The ingredients.  Our FDA wants different oils & other ingredients then what European formulas are willing to use.  Europe has a much higher standard for baby food consumption.  They believe babies should receive only the best & not be victims of GMO testing, as well as subjected to chemical pesticides & fertilizers.  When I asked Holle why they wouldn’t adhere to FDA standards to be sold in the United States, their response was “We would never stoop that low”.  When you see doctors recommend formulas containing corn syrup solids, hexane extracted DHA (very toxic), high levels of estrogen producing soy &  many other toxins such as carrageenan, its no wonder why European formulas will never be approved “as-is”.

My friend tells me European formulas are all about organic & that’s it.  Is that true?

Absolutely not.  European formulas are minimal ingredient formulas.  The reason this matters is because babies bodies are a clean canvas.  When babies cannot receive breastmilk, formulas with limited ingredients that are easy to digest is the next best thing.  By adding more ingredients then necessary, your baby body is a constant state of distress, trying to process what it perceives as  foreign objects.  This creates a potential for allergens & many health issues in the future.  The organic certifications with these formulas is just the icing on the cake.

I want to try out one of these formulas, where do I start?

If your baby is not diagnosed allergic to cows milk, we would start with Holle PRE formula.  If this one in particular is a little outside of your budget, we recommend Holle Cows Milk.  We like Holle PRE because the ingredients are the best of all of our formulas we sell.

If you’d like to go with a goats milk formula, we love Nanny Care & Holle Goats Milk formulas.

If your infant seems potentially allergic to cows milk formulas but you’ve never tried a European formula.  We recommend trying  a European formula before deciding its a cow milk allergy.  In many cases, babies are having issues digesting one of the million other ingredients in American formulas.


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